Thursday, September 16, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri 1431H

Selamat Hari Raya / Salam Eid my muslim friends~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Salam Ramadhan~

Assalammualaikum everyone...

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan & Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa to all my Muslim friends out there :)

I just got back to Glasgow yesterday morning. I don't think I'll get tired of crying and being sad and moppy everytime I leave home. My summer holiday in Brunei this year has been very worthwhile. I spent most of it with my family, which makes it hard to leave everything behind.
I miss helping mom to cook and clean, helping bros to prepare for sahur, i miss sleeping with mom next to me, i miss having sungkai out @ the restaurant with my family, i miss having sahur with my family, i miss going out with my brothers...i miss home :(

Apart from spending time at home, I managed to spend my hols with my nanah and kids. All those time playing with the kids, watching korean drama and indonesian drama with nanah and hannan, sleeping over with the kids by my side, cooking baking with nanah, helping her out for sungkai, fetching the kids from school...I miss nanah and kids :'(

I miss my cousin Khal...we used to go out at least once a week. If its not watching movies, we would go out have dinner, sushi-ing, jalan2 shopping / going to the saloon. I miss baking with her, sleeping over at her place has always been in my top list and im glad i made it this time. If u're reading this babe, thanks for spending time with me :')

I miss home...:'(


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Btw, have i told you that I'm back home already? :D

Yes, I am home :D and I feel LOVED ♥


30.06 - 01.07

This time last year I lost a very special friend :'(

But this year, I refuse to be sad and I ain't gonna manja myself by going all teary about it. I refused to be that girl anymore. Because I might have lost that special friend, but I gained few good friends over the year. They might not be as special, but they're good friends. Well, at least good to and for me. I am blessed and I will be grateful. I AM grateful.

Thank you Allah :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010





Sunday, June 13, 2010

S' Wonderful S' Marvellous

I'm tired :(

I wanna go home :(

I've been watching an old drama series Gilmore Girls lately to past my free times and ada one of this episode, Lorelai the cool hot mom - she loves watching oldies film, one of which is called Funny Faces by Audrey Hepburn. Kali I decided to check out that film andddd...turned out it was indeed one of Audrey's best film! Ada one of the soundtrack I really really like...

Lawaa oh...*sigh~*

I'm tired. Haven't slept all day! And then went shopping lagi bali barang orang brunei :S Ngalih :( Kalau dulu bisai, nada org mengurut di Glasgow, paksa tah minta pihit saja oleh 2 big dudes / paling inda pun si Mas yang ngurut lol..At least ada wah kekeke.

I wanna go home :(

Mudah-mudahan result okay.. Amin~~~~~


Friday, June 11, 2010

The wonders of e-shopping

Going home soon... So as expected, lotsa people asked me to buy them stuffs to bring back home. Of all the stuffs that I've shopped for, toys are the most difficult ones. Funny right? I mean who would have thought choosing the best Iron Man 2 action figures can be tough? And who would have thought that the sizes of those action figures matter? Whether it has got gadgets or not or if the it's a comic or a movie series action figures...and other stuffs to consider! Stress ku tarus jadinya. Seriously, I have lost the inner child in me :S

For the past few days and last week, I have been exhausting my bank account with toys, dresses, shoes, bags, scarfs and more toys. I can't believe it, I even bought myself a toy! Well not really a toy lah, more like a board game that Sab introduced me to during our trip to Sheffield.

Also bought myself a guitar tuner! Finally! So next time I don't have to ask Azmi / Jim to tune my guitar for me lol. Kasian wahh, I only get to tune my guitar if I'm playing with them...tsk tsk tsk. Thanks guys for all your "hardwork" from now on I will no longer require your services lol.

Only these 2 have arrived 5 more to come...I think. But they are all the kids' toys..boohoo. One Baby Alive Doll (apparently there's this smartypant doll that you can feed which poops after you feed it - actual poop!), 2 iron man action figures (because I can't decide on the sizes) and 2 ben 10 action figures. Apakah usulnya toys dorang ani...

I'm hungry...:( and bored. But especially hungry..Haven't eaten anything yet. Maybe i should make pasta tonight..



Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Everyday-is-a-Sunday Activities

Hey all~ I'm in my "blog-feel" mood. Came to update on few things that I've been doing during my summer break. Let's start with the recent ones..

Yesterday - went out with Edah and Kikie to hantar Juddin at the central station who's off to London and then Brunei. After that, we, well more like me, while the other 2 tagged along to accompany me shopping - and I finally bought a new duvet cover!!! It's about time for me to get a new one because I never did get one for my new bed in my new flat :D Then we all went for late brunch / early dinner (for some) at our new halal-lised KFC...Surprise! (Yes, we finally get our own halal KFC in the city :P) After that, me and Kikie went to watch Tooth Fairy. It was an alright movie, simple but entertaining. That was pretty much my Monday.

Over the weekends, I shopped a lot, hang out with the Dalcross peeps plus Juddin and stayed over at Wany's. It was really really an awesome weekend. Crazy fun.
Saturday - went out with Wany, Kikie, Juddin to shop for Tie Rack scarfs and other stuffs for the Bruneian families; me and Wany bought Zara dresses; Kikie treating us Easy-way drinks and then went to watch a movie called, a British movie telling stories of 4 girlfriends over 3 days, happening in 2 cities (I highly recommend you watch it, it's good!). After movie, went over to Kikie's place where we made a really special Maggi curry! (Yes THE instant maggi curry!) Special because we add in some beansprouts, eggs, sliced cucumbers and a hint of chilli sauce...aaaah~ just talking about it makes my mouth waters. Believe me, me Wany and Juddin made a really good special maggi curry lol.

Sunday - went out again to the city to watch Sex and the City 2 with Wany, Azmi Seit, Edah Saifol (yes, he's back!). Sunday was actually supposed to be a celebratory day for the EEE seniors who are graduating soon in July...but plan backfired as only Wany and Azmi were there. Then...we went for dinner at Wagamama (Japanese restaurant that don't serve sushi), which was an utter disappointment for me and also for few of us. Nyaman lagi maggi curry special kami buat ah lol. Back at Azmi's place, I joined the group, Wany made us Tiramisu, I made Teh Tarik and helped the boys fry some Lekur (YESSSS, apparently they got frozen Lekur!!!) and I watched Wany and the boys played PS2 warfare game till 7.30am! Who would have thought watching them playing warfare games can be so entertaining lol. I was totally knackered to walk all the way back home, so I slept over at Wany's again.

Okay...what else. Banarnya kan, macam boring wah orang kan membaca my daily activities ani.. I don't know why I even bother. I tink i'm just gonna end it here coz' my head is pounding, i need sleep. pronto. Tata~


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Prayers for ichat ♥

2 days ago, I found out that my lil' precious cousin Izzat had fractured his skull after he fell from a shopping cart trolley. The accident actually took place last Thursday and nanah told me that he has been complaining about his head being soft and spongy ever since. It was only last Monday that nanah actually realised that he was being serious. Can you believe that???

So nanah brought him to the hospital right away. He was X-Ray-ed and they found a long fracture running along the side of his skull (checkout the pix). Kasian ah!! The neurosurgeon took over the case and reassured my aunt that it was nothing serious, asked her to come back if Izzat started to feel dizzy and vomit over the next few days and that the fracture will heal well over a month. Alhamdullillah..

Seriously, when I first found out, I was having palpitations and anxious about this. At that time, I really wanted to go home. If I own a private plane, I would definitely fly that exact moment. But I had a long chat with nanah and webcam-ed with izzat, he looked fine, active and healthy. Good thing is that he doesn't have to have surgery or be admitted or anything, so their travelling plan to KK is still in order. In fact, nanah and the gang are in KK now. I heard Izzat has been vomitting again after the flight...i'm worried. So to you out there who's reading this, please sedekahkan yaasin and prayers so my Izzat will get better. We all hope that nothing serious will happen..Amin~


Dad's 56th ♥

It was dad's birthday yesterday! Actually, I kinda sorta almost forgotten about it. I was aware few days before the day itself that my dad's bday was coming up soon, then only when I was chatting with mom, I realised yesterday was the birthday! But listen to this, the night before his birthday right, it was midnight and I was busy surfing and what not, then out of the blue, I suddenly feel I wanted to talk to my dad. So i texted him, told him I missed him and do some daughter daddy bonding. Tau2 it was my dad's bday the next day!

So, I managed to curi some of the pictures that shaz took. Mom shaz abang and I have bought dad his own personal PC! And according to mum, he was pleasantly surprised to find out the box of PC waiting for him at home! Wish i was there to see the look on dad's face...:(

56th and 2nd birthday that I missed

Look at that! Dad actually smiles!!!

My family

My family plus one :)

So I made my daddy something to remind him of me ;P

Love you pa ♥



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